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But I have to oil an oiled floor all the time again!

If the parquet is oiled by us, not. The first parquet oiling is the bottom line, because no additional oiling can go through the first oiling.

What does this mean exactly? Your parquet does not have to be oiled again?

In the kitchen and the bathroom we recommend a maintenance oiling once a year. And definitely not full faced, just local and without moving any furniture. Me personally, I take 25 minutes time once in a year around our cooking island. Incidentally our machines and the using material is for free your whole lifetime.

Where is your wood coming from?

Oak knotty from Europe, oak without knots from Siberia.

How colour-fast are your parquet surfaces?

We often work with coloured pigmented Oils. The pigments are laying then between the wood filament and the sunshine. We experienced, that our floors oiled like that, are clearly colour-faster, than thermal colour-changed parquets. Furthermore do we have products in our maintenance package for free, which underline the colour-stability.

Do your floors have any disadvantages?

No... oh yes, you only can buy them here. (laughs)

Are your floors sustainable, do you have any references?

All our clients would buy a PARKETTE.CH floor again. We do have references all over Switzerland and even overseas (laughs again).


It is the time we take and the love and patience for wood, which unfortunately nobody has anymore.

Werner Krebs is a federal graduated floorer, federal graduated seller and owner of PARKETTE.CH

PARKETTE.CH holds the SWISS-LABEL with their high adding value.

Werner Krebs AG
Marktplatz 2, 8580 Amriswil

T: +41 71 411 30 93
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