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PARKETTE.CH converts Parquet with a raw surface only. In opposite of the converting in a big factory, all our parquets are oiled by hand with the threefold up to sixfold amount of oil and a residence time of 200 till 300 times longer. In addition all edges of the parquet are protected with an oil treatment by hand. This specialoiled parquet floor is extremely easy-care and without any confinements usable in the kitchen and bathroom. See Special-Oiling

PARKETTE.CH worked out over 2000(!) compositions for oiled parquet surfaces the last 18 years.

PARKETTE.CH parquets are always glued and never floated.

Sources of supply

PARKETTE.CH installs itself or supplies a floor layer of your confidence.

PARKETTE.CH does not enter into any contractual relationship with general or total contractors.

If you wish to have a PARKETT.CH parquet floor in spite of a general contractor obligation, there are 2 variants to choose from:

Variant 1: We supply the floor layer commissioned by the GU after consultation.

Variant 2: You delete the flooring position from the contract and place the order directly with us.


Important Notice

Important notice:

Please note that the amount stated in the construction description includes ancillary services such as filling, skirting, putty joints, etc. and VAT.

In many cases, the general contractor will reduce the amount and sometimes even charge an architectural fee on top of the additional price if the parquet is not supplied by the general contractor's floor layer. The earlier (if possible before signing the contract) you talk about it with the JV, the better! Since our work is scheduled at the end of the construction sequence, it is possible to buy the apartment without flooring. You will receive the corresponding guarantee directly from us. If you can buy the apartment without flooring, it will pay off for you twice!

We will gladly explain why.

What next?

Please send us a PDF via Mail with your plan > We will create an offer based on a finished installation.

You are heading the dimension, sorting and especially the surfacenumber of the parquet board to us or your architect.

If you plan a reconstruction, pictures might be helpful. We are mainly interested in beginning and ending and the changeovers to other rooms.

If you plan a reconstruction, we are able to visualize your surface with the desired parquet floor. > for that, please take as many pictures as possible of the surface area.

You can also arrange an appointment with us in Amriswil, Volketswil or at your home, if you are living in Switzerland. Request under Turn on Javascript!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.